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Universidad Industrial de Santander

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Research Interest

My researches have been focused on Animal-plant interactions and the impact of the anthropogenic disturbances. For the past 6 years, I have worked in natural systems and production systems (rubber, cocoa polyculture, rustic cocoa) from Andean, Amazon and Lacandon rainforest. My researches have focused towards the design of experiments to evaluate the agroecosystems and sustainable management of available resources, including high and sud-andean forest, jungle below and amazon forest in Colombia and Mexico. I have measured the impact of the agricultural intensification on ecological functions (e.g. nutrient cycling, seed dispersal, bioturbation, seed exhumation) and the services provided by ecosystems to human societies (e.g. biological pest control, soil fertilization, nutrient cycling, soil aeration, secondary seed burial). My current investigation projects contribute to the understanding of the functional ecology of biodiversity associated production systems (Seeds, seedlings, crops) in order to generate technical recommendations and impact technologist.


Degree Institution Year
Ph.D in Biological Sciences Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México 2011 – 2015
M.Sc. in Biological Sciences Universidad de los Andes, Colombia 2008 – 2011
B.Sc. in Biology Universidad Industrial de Santander, Colombia 2001-2007


Course Institution Material
Ecology Universidad Industrial de Santander (2016)  
Ecology and Botanical Unidades tecnológicas de Santander(2016)  
Ecology Universidad de los Andes (2008-2010)  

Latest Publications

  • Santos-Heredia C., Andresen E., Escobar F. & Escobar-Hernández F. 2015. Dung beetle community in arboreal agroecosystems. Oecologia. In preparation.
  • Santos-Heredia C., Andresen E., Escobar F. 2015. Ecological functions and ecosystem services provided by dung beetle in arboreal agroecosystems. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment. In preparation.
  • Santos-Heredia C., Andresen E., del-Val E., Zárate D.A., Nava-Mendoza M. & Jaramillo V. J. 2016. The activity of dung beetles increases foliar nutrient concentration in tropical seedlings. Biotropica 48:565-567.
  • Santos-Heredia C. & Andresen E. 2014. Upward movement of buried seeds: another ecological role of dung beetles promoting seedling establishment. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 30: 409-417.
  • Santos-Heredia C., Andresen E. & Stevenson PR. 2011. Secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in an Amazonian forest fragment of Colombia: influence of dung type, seed size and edge effect. Integrative Zoology. 6: 399:408
  • Santos-Heredia C., Andresen E. & Zarate DA. 2010. Secondary seed dispersal by dung beetles in a Colombian rainforest: Effects of dung type and defecation pattern on seed fate. Journal of Tropical Ecology. 26: 355-364.
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