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Raquel Méndez – PASOECO

Raquel Mendez, Ph.D.

Profesora de Trabajo Social | Universidad Industrial de Santander

Líneas de investigación

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Últimas publicaciones

  • Rojas, Mauricio; Méndez, Raquel. (2016) “Pregnancy in Adolescents: A Quantitative Scale social reading”, Health Review, Vol. 48 No 1
  • Rojas, Mauricio, Méndez, Raquel, Álvarez, Carmén. (2016) “The Role of the Family in the Normalization of the Pregnancy at an Early Age” Encounters Review 14 (1)
  • Boira, Santiago; Carbajosa, Pablo, Méndez, Raquel. (2015) “Fear, Conformity and Silence, Intimate Partner Violence in Rural Areas of Ecuador” Psychosocial Intervention Review PSI-40 Madrid
  • Méndez, Raquel; Rojas, Mauricio. (2014). “Gender: An Invisible but Substantive Variable in Higher education” Sophia Review No. 10 Vol. 1
  • Méndez, Raquel; Rojas, Mauricio. (2012) “Strategies for the Development of Social Networks for Supporting the Promotion of Sexual and Reproductive Rights” Virtual Review, No.35.