Sergio A. Bolívar

Master biology student
Mapping forest stand structure
using drone remote sensing

Daniel Badillo

Undergraduate biology student
Functional Diversity of the avifauna in agricultural
landscapes of Santander, Colombia

Tatiana Rodríguez

Master's student in Economics and Development
Ex-ante impact assessment of the productive transformation
on the ecosystem services of “Las Cruces” as an input
for decision-making

Valentin Fromm

Postgraduate exchange student
Biodiversity of Avifauna in Differntly Managed Coffee and Cocoa Plantations and Adjacent Cloudforest in San Vicente de Chuccuri, Colombia
University of Leipzig

Xaver Schenk

Postgraduate exchange student
Seed Dispersion by Diurnal Birds in an Tropical Andean Agricultural Landscape and Adjacent Cloud Forest Along a Structual Gradiant of Shade Tree Composition
University of Leipzig
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