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¡Proposals for research!

The Conservation Biology Laboratory invites students to become involved in the different projects offered for undergraduate work. OFERTA_TESIS_DE_GRADO_Conservacion

Meteo has defended his thesis!

Mateo defended his thesis, and submitted it as “Flujo de trabajo en procesamiento, modelamiento 3D y análisis vegetal mediante imágenes aéreas obtenidas por un VANT.” Congratulations!  

Daniel Pabon has defended his thesis!

Daniel defended his thesis, and submitted it as “Vulnerability of the Colombian vascular plant flora to elevational upslope shifts in a warming world” to the journal Diversity & Distributions. Well done! Daniel has started working at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry in Jena, Germany with Dr. Miguel Mahecha. Congratulations to the new job!

Tatiana Luna, Erika Garces y Katheryn Grimaldos submitted their thesis

Under the guidance of Professor Juan Carlos Aceros, three undergraduated students of social work submitted their thesis titled: “Capacidad de resiliencia socio-ecológica del paisaje de la Microcuenca Las Cruces de San Vicente de Chucurí”. Their research was focused on the measurement of socioecological resilience indicators in “Las Cruces” through participatory workshops with stakeholders.      … Read More »

Tatiana Rodríguez submitted her research proposal for master’s degree in Economics and Development

On August 21st, Leidy Tatiana Rodríguez Torres, a master’s student of Economics and Development, submitted her research proposal titled “Evaluación de impacto ex-ante de la transformación productiva en la Microcuenca Las Cruces del Municipio de San Vicente de Chucurí: una mirada desde los servicios ecosistémicos”. The research seeks to assess in an ex-ante way the impact… Read More »